Monday, November 24, 2008

Totally Unique Christmas Gift...Horsie Delights

Are you stuck for ideas as to what to get that 'someone special' for Christmas? You came to the right place. In fact, our bags of Horsie Delights® are flying off the shelf.

Seriously folks, people give their bosses, spouses, friends, and family Horsie Delights® as gag gifts. One lady told me, "I've always wanted to give my husband a bag of shit for Christmas." She bought a bag for $7.00!

For serious gardeners, the patented de-hydrating process we use, makes Horsie Delights® the perfect gift for those who want to keep their indoor house plants perky over the cold winter months. I use them on my indoor plants, and they flourish.

Horsie Delights® is 100% organic. The bag is the size of a standard lunch bag and only cost $7.00/bag, which includes tax, shipping, and handling. Laughter is free.

If you're interested, I'll send you a bag. For a lot laughs, healthy plants, and a truly unique Christmas gift, buy a bag of Horsie Delights® while they last. We even have sweatshirts with our infamous logo. The cuddly, long sleeve, sweatshirts are $25.00 which includes tax, shipping, and handling.

As soon as I figure out how to put Pay Pal on this blog, we're in business. Until then, I accept personal checks by snail mail.

Happy Holidays from the Horsie Delights staff, especially our manufacturing team.


Robin Easton said...

Where have you been all my life?? ROFL!!!...yet again. Oh dang, you are a serious riot! You are sooooo much FUN!!!! I envy the people in your life....or else pity them!!! LOLOLOL!!!

I loved this line: "...The bag is the size of a standard lunch bag..."

Ooooh the layers of juicy humor here!! Again I wish you could hear me right now. :) :)

If I had more time I would LOVE to do a humor blog. Although my blog is Nature and I suppose spiritual and environmentally based --- I LOVE LOVE LOVE humor. My husband and I laugh our guts out every single day. Two minutes in the car to go to the grocery store and we are in hysterics. Couldn't live with out.

I sure hope the people in your life appreciate you and see how truly unique and gifted you are. Because you are a GEM!

Thanks again my friend for making me laugh and breathe. Too many serious people in the world.


PS I once covered moose droppings with chocolate LOL and gave them to someone who I "thought" had a sense of humor...and also LOVED chocolate. And although I ALSO included a really expensive box of "normal" chocolates in the package, they did NOT appreciate my humor. And I'm a really kind person. I don't make cruel jokes or jokes at someone else's expense. I even told them that the first box of chocolates (the "moose doo doo" ones) had to cut in half before tasting.
LOL! :) That is was part of a Austrian tradition which released the flavor. :)

And this person tended to play "nasty" jokes on other people all the time. SOOO, I bless you for living and being who you REALLY are. It is appreciated here.

Pam said...

Robin, you always make me feel so-o-o good. Glad I could make you laugh. Hugs!