Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chocolate Shoes

Chocolate Shoes
There is a favorite spot where I shop on Pattonwood Drive, near Lake Ontario, called Encore Chocolates. My family members always request a box of home made chocolates for their birthdays from Encore.

Multitudinous selections of tasty, scrumptious home made, hand dipped chocolate with all the various fillings and toppings is mind boggling. Encore's lovely gift wrapping makes this a very special gift.

I was in the store one day and wondered why someone left their shoe on the counter, only to discover the shoe was made of chocolate.

The store owner told me a true story. A wealthy, eccentric gentleman comes into the store every two weeks and orders a dozen chocolate shoes. He gives the shoes as gifts to women he's either never met or sees occasionally; women who are bank tellers, waitresses, even women he meets on the street. His comment is, "It makes me feel good to see women smile in surprise when I give them their chocolate shoe,"

I'd be a little skeptical if it happened to me, until I saw the Encore Chocolates of Rochester label stuck to the cellophane wrap with a pretty ribbon attached. Plus I'm a soft-touch for good home made chocolate.

 My question is: If this guy stopped you on the street offering you a chocolate shoe. What would you do?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Stickers Suck

Snacking is one of my favorite sports. I try to be cognizant of eating nutritious snacks, so I have a bowl of fruit handy with apples and bananas. What I want to know is who puts those @#$? stickers on the fruit? It's not just one apple or one banana, it's all of them.

 I think whoever does this has some major psychosis going on. It's a global plot to turn us all into raving lunatics. There are some serious practical problems with this.

If you don't have long fingernails, you're doomed to eat the stickers along with the fruit. Have you ever tried just peeling off the sticker? Of course it doesn't come right off. By the time you're finished with your annoying sticker removal, you've gouged a hole in your apple or bruised you banana (no pun intended guys). I tell you it's a real pain in the posterior.

That's why I like my chocolate Teddy Grahams. No muss. No fuss. No sucky stickers.