Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Different Kind of Mouse

Buzi Found a Mouse

Buzi has created a special place in my heart. I 'll always miss Bear because he was one of kind, but Buzi is one of those sweet little girl felines that make your heart melt whenever you look at her face.

Boo has decided she likes being an indoor cat, unlike Bear who was a mighty outdoor hunter of all things furry, feathered, scaly, and otherwise.

Yesterday Buzi became pesky while I was working on the computer. It was a busy writing day and office day, but she doesn't understand "busy; she just wanted to play. I told her, in jest, to go find a mouse. And she did, on the other computer.

It's a different kind of mouse. She's a different kind of cat. It was a cute photo op I couldn't resist. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Mushroom House

Mushroom House

One of Horse Pucky's readers, lightly, suggested that Randy, a Horse Pucky fan, build a cave. Lightly's comment was in response to a blog post on Randy's blog, Moody's Notebook titled, "The Next Big Idea". See Moody's Notebook under My Favorite Blogs to the right.

As a result of lightly's response, I became inspired to write a blog post about fancy caves. The fancy cave is the mushroom house in Perinton, NY. The house was built in 1971 by architect James H. Johnson. (Any relation, Randy?) The idea was to combine art with nature for the owners. I've been fascinated with this house ever since it was built because it's so unique in its architectural concept.  

The whimsical  house has five interconnected pods, which include three bedtooms, three baths, and a great room built on the side of a hill for a total of 4,168 square feet. It overlooks  a creek, waterfall and an outdoor hot tub. Last year the mushroom house was for sale for $1,100,000.

This puts a whole new meaning into cave dwelling.

It's also the perfect residence for those of us who are fed a lot of horse pucky and kept in the a mushroom. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Horse Pucky Advice: Like It, Lump It, or Trim It

Dear Horse Pucky,

My husband and I live in a gaited community in Florida. We have a swimming pool in the back yard with a stone wall on either side of the pool for privacy. Our neighbor has a flowering tree with branches that hang over our stone wall. The damn tree drops flower blossoms into the pool and all over our patio, making a huge mess. 

We've asked the neighbor to cut his tree down and he refuses, saying the tree was there long before we were and we can like it or lump it. We reported him to the homeowners association and they said to settle the situation with our neighbor ourselves.

Maybe we'll sneak over there at night and put Roundup around the tree in hopes it'll die. What is the appropriate way of handling this maddening situation?

~Treed Off

Dear Treed,

What do you have against trees? Forget the Roundup!

Personally, I think flower blossoms in the pool are romantic. I'd go buy some floating candles, put them in the pool with the flower blossoms, and have a romantic tryst in the pool, with my husband, when the sun goes down. Don't forget the champagne. 

OR, you could invite your neighbors over for a pool cleaning party. OR, you could agree to trim the flowering branches that hang over the wall on your side of the patio. In any case, communicate softly and carry a bottle of bubbly with you when you start neighborly conversation.

~Horse Pucky


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 10th Birthday and Chickens

The chickens laid multi-colored eggs this morning and no one knows who did it.
It could be Gertrude, could be Maud, could be Lola too.

Or did I start to celebrate April 10th a little bit too soon?  
Is that egg really yellow with a purple stripe,
and the other one pink and blue?

All I know is the champagne tastes good;
and the chickens think so too,
which is probably why the eggs they laid
are yellow, pink and blue. 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Greetings from Buzi and Me

Buzi and I would like to wish all of you a very happy and blessed Easter. Have a beautiful day. ~The Horse Pucky Queen

Monday, April 2, 2012

Gardens, Toddlers, and Horse Pucky

What in the hell is wrong with parents today? I 've gotta tell ya, some people take the cake.

Last year I won the garden contest in my neighborhood, so this year I plan on doing another bang up job with my gardening talents. I may not win, but I already have some sprouts, plants, and other perennials poking their heads through the soil. I plan on putting on a good show with additional annuals I want to plant the end of the month.

Enter two toddlers who like looking at Buzi (the cat) when whe suns herself in the window. Rather than staying on the sidewalk where toddlers belong, they tramp through my flower garden to get a closer view at Boo. What irks me are the parents who are standing right there allowing the rug rats to trample my perennials, crushing the delicate buds to smithereens.

After expressing my dissatisfaction to the numb skull parents, one of the parent's comment was, "But she only wants to get a closer look at the cat."  And I said, "So, have her look at the cat from the sidewalk." Trample. Trample.

Here's my plan. Tomorrow, when I'm at the barn, I'm going to bring home a bucket of fresh horse pucky and spread it in the garden. Let's see the little ba#%&$#% (darlings) walk through that and then go into their house on the nice white rug.  Mommy and Daddy will love it.   

Happy Spring!