Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Golf, Drilling for Oil, and Insanity

After 25 years, I decided to take up golf again. I was pretty good as a teenager, which was fifty some years ago. In fact, my Dad wanted me to go pro, but I was addicted to horses and went the equine route instead. Now I know why I stuck with the horses.

First time out with my new/used clubs was not too bad. I got all enthused and decided to play again the second day. Big mistake. I hit a tree more than once and was actually going backward on the course instead of forward. In fact, when I was supposed to be on the fourth hole I was actually on the second hole. Trees have a way of spitting the ball in the opposite direction.

My next great fete was drilling for oil. I kept trying to hit the ball but only managed to take loads of turf behind the ball, without hitting it, at least five times. I think I discovered oil on the 7th hole. It's a public course, so I'm hoping I won't have to pay taxes this year due to my oil dig.

This is the most insane sport I have ever tried to master. The inconsistency of it all is extremely frustrating. Every so often I'd hit a great shot, then nothing. Last week I went to the driving range to figure out what I was doing wrong as well as right. I think I've got it.

Can't wait 'til I go out again. I may have to play late at night, with one of those mega flashlights, when no one else is around. I can still hear the laughter, as a crowd gathered on my second day out after 25 years, to see if I would strike oil on the 7th hole.