Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Golf, Drilling for Oil, and Insanity

After 25 years, I decided to take up golf again. I was pretty good as a teenager, which was fifty some years ago. In fact, my Dad wanted me to go pro, but I was addicted to horses and went the equine route instead. Now I know why I stuck with the horses.

First time out with my new/used clubs was not too bad. I got all enthused and decided to play again the second day. Big mistake. I hit a tree more than once and was actually going backward on the course instead of forward. In fact, when I was supposed to be on the fourth hole I was actually on the second hole. Trees have a way of spitting the ball in the opposite direction.

My next great fete was drilling for oil. I kept trying to hit the ball but only managed to take loads of turf behind the ball, without hitting it, at least five times. I think I discovered oil on the 7th hole. It's a public course, so I'm hoping I won't have to pay taxes this year due to my oil dig.

This is the most insane sport I have ever tried to master. The inconsistency of it all is extremely frustrating. Every so often I'd hit a great shot, then nothing. Last week I went to the driving range to figure out what I was doing wrong as well as right. I think I've got it.

Can't wait 'til I go out again. I may have to play late at night, with one of those mega flashlights, when no one else is around. I can still hear the laughter, as a crowd gathered on my second day out after 25 years, to see if I would strike oil on the 7th hole.


lightly said...

wow love not only blind but now we find out it's stupid as well.

we your friends we love you no matter how dumb we think you are, so you can tell us.

but let me guess , he plays golf and to be with him you will put yourself through total hell.
Don't let it worry you you don't have to be good at golf you just need to dress the part and everyone is happy.
i find chasing a little white ball for 2 miles is just something i won't do but hey every person to there own.
now why you don't play polo is beyond me since this one you may actually be good at and the horse does most of the work, if you miss the white ball you can blame the horse.

Pam Beers said...

lightly...polo is a great idea, just too expensive. I would need at least three horses since they change polo ponies between chukkers. Maybe polo using golf clubs on a golf cart would work.

Golfing is fun, just not as exciting as going over jumps on an outdoor course. It's nice to be able to do both at my age.

I love your comments. You always make me laugh.

Robert "Cranelegs" Crane said...

whenever i need to fill in a part of th lawn, i go golfing and usually have enough sod by the fifth hole. sounds like you might even be more productive than i.

a great quote: "golf is a good walk ruined."

Pam Beers said...

"Cranelegs": You're right on with the quote. Think I'll sell divots by the side of the road. I can market it as "If you wake up on this side of the sod, be sure to buy enough to enhance your lawn before it's too late." Whadya think?

itsmecissy said...

The only thing more boring than watching golf on TV is playing it! OK, it is good exercise.

Guess I've had a bad experience because my brothers (the late one and the two still living) cheat!!!

I'm sticking to miniature golf.

itsmecissy said...

It's now been over a month since we here in the stall have heard from you, what's up? We need a new post and some news.

Pam Beers said...

itsme...Thanks for missing me. There's a new post today. You're the best!

itsmecissy said...

Only because today is my birthday. I'll be back to my usual self tomorrow.