Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fat Removal

Three weeks ago I had to have a fatty tumor removed from above my right eyebrow. It was nothing serious and turned out to be benign. The plastic surgeon gave me a shot of novacaine, lidocaine, and some other muscle relaxant that made me want to snooze for hours after surgery. Too bad I couldn't sleep during surgery. I was wide awake while Dr. O'Connor explained the whole procedure as he carefully made the first incision.

His first comment was, "Does it hurt?" And I said, "I thought that's what the novacaine plus was for; and no it doesn't hurt!" Then he gave me his good news bad news report during surgery. The good news was it indeed was a fatty tumor, nothing unusual. The bad news was it went deep and wrapped around a facial nerve and a muscle. 'Oh great,' I thought. So I asked him, "What does that mean?" "It means we have to go deeper than I thought and I'm not sure the novacaine plus will cover that."

I gritted my teeth, sat on my hands so I wouldn't lose control, and said three Hail Marys. The worse that happened pain-wise was a slight pinching feeling when he cut into the muscle. After that it was a serene experience. That injection he gave me had something in it besides novacaine. I was ecstatically happy for 24 hours...until the injected coctail wore off.

The lump is gone from my forehead. The incision is healing. Now I have to figure out how to get Dr. O'Connor to remove the rest of the fat from my body. Then I'll be really happy.


lightly said...

fat is like a family member (usually the one that is always blacklisted by other family members). when you young and sexy FAT wants nothing to do with you, but as you start aging FAT becomes your friend and you become very close with each other, but like unwanted family you soon realize FAT ain't pulling its weight and you doing all the work.
now there are many ways to remove fat , pills, the knife and sucking but alas these methods just piss FAT off, FAT goes away and sulks for a bit and waits (weights) until you forget you were upset with it then it comes back and like that other bad family members its even harder to get rid of this FAT.
the best method to get rid of FAT is to exercise, its hard work and there is a lot of pain but as you know FAT don't like hard work and exercise so it tends not to come back until much ,much later .

Pam Beers said...

lightly: I love your comments. You always make me laugh.

I have Fat Heads in my family, but they're not necessarily fat. As for me, I need to stay away from melted Snickers bars with vanilla ice cream on top and homemade chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven.

Exercise is key. I need to sweat.