In Loving Memory of Buzi


In Loving Memory of Buzi

February 2012 - July 2014

After Bear went to the other side of the rainbow, I vowed never to get another cat. The following February, the vet called and said there was a stray cat someone brought in with some health issues. Euthanasia was being considered, but I wanted to take a look at her first.

The cat was an indoor cat owned by a young couple. The couple broke up, then threw the cat outside to fend for herself. I will never understand the reason for that type of cruelty to an animal. Poor kitty was on her own for six months before the neighbors found her and brought her into the vet. I took the cat home that February and named her Buzi, which means "kiss" in Polish. I knew she wasn't going to live very long, but I wanted her last days to be filled with love, warmth, and good food. She lived for two more years, which the vet said was a miracle.

My heart still breaks every time I think of this sweet little kitty left to fend for herself.

I will always love you Buzi and am happy knowing that your last days were filled with love.

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