H P Tee Shirts

Order a "HORSE PUCKY" tee shirt. You'll be glad you did 'cause you'll  have loads of fun with this head-turning, one-of-a-kind conversation starter. Trust me, I know.

You'll get a tee shirt with the comical horse embroidered on your shirt, plus the words, "HORSE PUCKY" also embroidered just below the horse. Have your name embroidered to make it a custom tee.


When you order a "HORSE PUCKY" tee shirt you're not just ordering an article of clothing, you're making a statement. You'll be an instant hit at any gathering. These tees are guaranteed to make at least one person laugh during the course of a day.

"HP" tees make great gifts for the whole family. Some family members may never speak to you again, but that could be a bonus.

Ten percent of every sale goes to Lollypop Farm, Humane Society of Rochester. 

What you get and the price:

Your order includes one quality cotton, short sleeve, tee shirt with our embroidered horse logo and the words "HORSE PUCKY" embroidered below the horse on the right side of the shirt. The logo is 3" high x 2 and 1/4" wide. The words, "Horse Pucky" are 3/4" high.

Price: U.S. $14.00 plus tax for a fun, quality standard tee shirt

For a custom tee your first name is embroidered on the left side of the shirt in 3/4 " high letters for an additional charge. 

Price: U.S. $4.00 (Name embroidered) + $14.00 = $18.00 plus tax for an even more fun, quality custom tee shirt

Shipping and handling: $5.00 U.S.

Ordering Instructions:

Your size:
Name: first name, last name
Zip Code:
Payment: by check only, at this time.

Click on my email address: pbeers5523@yahoo.com to send me an email with your order or any questions you may have.

Thanks for shopping with Horse Pucky.

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