Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How To Beat Stress

Listed below are a few ways I beat stress:

Be grateful.
Always have something interesting to read.
Listen to music.
Keep it simple.
Keep the house picked up
Drink lots of water.
Eat only when hungry.
If it doesn’t taste great, don’t eat it.
Don’t over-schedule.
Laugh more often. Humor is a definite stress-buster.

These are just a few. Embrace them; they work!

OR drink a bottle of wine with a straw.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Cell Block 41

Just when I think I've heard it all, I realize I haven't.

There's a gift store in SanFrancisco called Alcatraz Gifts. They have an Al Capone refrigerator magnate with Big Al's prison number AZ 85 and an Alcatraz Cell House audio tour in CD format.

In case you think I'm full of horse pucky check out the website: http://www.alcatrazgifts.com/

What will they think of next!? Maybe I'll get one of those refrigerator magnets for my Mom for Christmas. You know how difficult it is to find a unique gift for someone who has everything.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's All In the Name

There's a relatively new funeral home that opened up down the street and around the corner. It’s called New Comer. The name implies that the deceased is planning on using the facilities again. A better name would be Out Going.

While driving through Buffalo, I noticed another funeral home called Amigone. No kidding! It’s an old family name in the area and is pronounced, “Am I gone?” Ending up in Amigone is about as gone as you’re gonna’ get…no questions asked.

I'd like to know who comes up with these names. Aside from the fact most funeral parlors are named for the family memebers who establish them, couldn't Amigone be changed to something more ethereal. Any suggestions for a new name is welcome.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Is It Tube Steak or Tube Snake Boogie

There seems to be some confusion as to ZZ Top's song Tube Snake Boogie. Some think it's Tube Steak Boogie. You decide.

The American rock trio that formed in 1969 wrote songs that are full of sexual innuendo and humor, so I can understand the mix up. I heard it was originally the Tube Steak Boogie, but had to be changed so it could be aired.

I'm a huge fan of ZZ Top. All these years I thought it was Two Step Boogie. I love to dance to their music and never really listened very carefully to the words. After reading the lyrics online, now I understand why tube snake could be misinterpreted for tube steak, neither of which I knew about until I reached my mid-sixties.

Sometimes being naive is blissful, but the lyrics and music to Tube Snake Boogie is a tad raunchy and just plain fun, appealing to the naughty side of my personalty.

Get down and sing along with the lyrics.

Lyrics to Tube Snake Boogie: Compliments of http://www.lyricsfreak.com/

I got a girl she lives cross town,
Shes the one that really gets down.
When she boogie,
She do the tube snake boogie.
Well now boogie little baby,
Boogie woogie all night long.

I got a girl she lives on the block,

She kinda funky with her pink and black socks.
She likes to boogie,
She do the tube snake boogie.
Well now boogie woogie baby,
Boogie woogie all night long.

I got a girl, she lives on the hill.
She wont do it but her sister will,
When she boogie,

She do the tube snake boogie.
Well now boogie little baby,

Boogie woogie all night long.

Blow your top blow your top blow your top.

Life is too short. Have fun!