Thursday, May 30, 2013


Meet Buzi (pronounced Boo jee). Buzi means kiss in Polish.

Buzi is wondering where the real mouse is.

Time to stop and smell the flowers.
This sweet little feline came into my life after being abandoned by her previous owners; left outside for six months to fend for herself. When I adopted her, she had some health issues, but after a year and a half she's starting to feel and look much better.
Now she sleeps in a king size bed instead of under a porch..

I took her home from my vet's office on February 1st,
Happy Valentine, Buzi
after they called to inform me that a neighbor found her under their porch, terrified, hungry, and cold. February is Valentine month, so it was only fitting to name her Buzi.

She's turned out to be a sweet, lovely, gentle feline, who really appreciates her new digs.

A kiss for Jenny to celebrate Alphabet Thursday.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Day After: A Sobering Experience

Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Rochester, NY

This post has nothing to do with drinking. It has everything to do with remembering. Specifically, remembering why we're here in the first place.

Jon and I decided to visit Holy Sepulchre Cemetery on Memorial Day for a variety of reasons. We both have family buried there, Jon is an Army veteran, and the press was saying how beautifully stirring the waving flags are on our soldiers gravesites. Our local media was right.

I can tell you it sent chills up my spine. Looking at the photos we took still gives me ample reason to keep a box of tissues by my side. It makes me pause to give thanks for all we have.

These  brave men died so we can be free to worship as we please, write what we want, work at what we love best or at least work, and enjoy the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We're very fortunate to live in this country with all it's warts pimples, and imperfections. But they're minor inconveniences compared to others who live in countries where women are treated like second class citizens, and people like me, both male and female, who rant about our politicians, would be hung at high noon in front of a cheering mob of political guerillas.    

Every day get down on your knees and give thanks to our fallen soldiers whose ultimate sacrifice keeps us free. Do it for you. Do it for them.
They can no longer kneel. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ass: Equus Asinus

There are probably more names for a donkey than any other equine species. It's Latin name is Equus asinus. The male donkey is called a  Jack, hence the word Jack Ass, which I often call our local and national politicians.

The female is a Jennet or Jenny; no relation to our loveable Jenny Matlock, who decided to do another round of alphabet Thursday. She'll be sorry. In fact she probably already is, after reading this "A" post.

Donkeys are fun to have around. They're highly intelligent, and love social interaction with people. They're exceptionally good with small children with whom they establish a formidable bond, especially against parents .

If you're in the market for something larger than a dog, but not as big as a horse, a donkey is for you.The best part is, if you call your husband a Jack Ass, he'll think you're talking to the donkey.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Zero: Before and After

If I put two zeros in front of the number seven, I  think of James Bond. You know 007. 

Zero is a very important number and numerical digit. It fulfills a major role in math. I hate math, but I do know that zeros placed before a number means less cash in my pocket, like $.07 cents, while a zero after a number equals more cash such as $70.  

Zero is slang for zilch or zip. It can also be a temperature reading in upstate New York. In fact, four months ago is was 07 degrees here at night, today it's 70 degrees. Now you're getting the picture as to the importance of zero.

Just to let you know how really important zero is, last week I had $700 in my checking account. Now I have $.07 cents. If anyone would like to send me three zeros after a 10, my zip code is 14609.

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Yellow Brick Road: A Political Rant

For those of you who have seen the movie, The Wizard of Oz, as a child, you probably should see it again as an adult if you haven't already. It has all sorts of 1800 historical, political overtones, which are still prevalent today. Some things never change.

Now I know why I was afraid of some of the characters in the movie the first time I saw it. It represented the political leaders of the time.

Just a quick overview:

  • We all know who the Wizard represents.
  • Oz is another name for gold. 
  • Dorothy represents the American people and their values, honesty, loyalty, and resourcefulness. 
  • The Cowardly Lion could be any politician; a load roar with no power or bite. He was looking for courage.
  • Scarecrow, even though he wanted a brain, represents the American farmer who is an adept problem solver, hard worker, and gets paid squat for what s/he produces.
  • Tin man represents the industrial workers who often feel dehumanized especially after losing their jobs. He was looking for a heart.
The Emerald Palace and the Emerald City is the White House in Washington, D.C. Everyone thought if they followed the yellow brick road it would lead them to riches and power. It worked for  politicians because their riches were made on the backs of the farmers and the industrial workers.

Dorothy, Scarecrow, and the Tin Man saw the Wizard very differently, which is a classic example of how politicians change their stories depending on who they're talking to and who the largest contributor is to their campaign chest.

Bottom line, the Wizard was declared a fraud by everyone who followed the yellow brick road to Oz. My point is politicians aren't going to help us because they're too busy helping themselves. We really don't need most of them.

All the searching we do for that yellow brick road, is nothing more than a ruse. You find what you need within yourself. 

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Bert and Ernie

Bert and Ernie

Okay, okay, so I'm not perfect; probably too many horse pucky fumes.

However, I do go to my neighborhood Catholic church once a week to polish my halo. That's polish not Polish. I am Polish, but I digress. (No Polish jokes please.)

I also have two guardian angels named Bert and Ernie. Seriously, those are their real names. It's short for Bertha and Ernestine.

Bert's and Ernie's job is to help me sleep at night and give me peace of mind during the day. They are always singing, "Sleep my child, and peace attend thee" to the tune of "Great Balls of Fire."

Peace and love.

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

X Chromosome

"X" is for x chromosome.

Okay folks here we go, right into our first genetics lesson. Or is it biology? Maybe it's math. Well now, let's see, two x chromosomes make a girl. One x and one y chromosome makes a boy. Sounds simple enough and it is, except for one thing. There's a huge difference between males and females. Aside from the obvious physical contrasts there are definitely some serious flaws in the x y chromosome.

Don' t get me wrong, I think men are wonderful. They just think differently than women, which is probably a good thing unless they don't think at all.

Let me state three examples:

1. Driving along in the countryside, a woman spots a lovely crystal clear stream with a pair of ducks paddling along peacefully, and comments, "Pull over Honey, I'd love to get a picture of that and send it to the grandchildren. Man, affectionately referred to as "Honey", says, "If I had my gun with me, we'd be having duck dinner tonight. Oh, by the way, I need to stop and go pee in the stream."

2. When discussing human  mortality,  a woman usually opts for discussions on spirituality, religion, or personal faith formation. Men, on the other hand, want to decide which daring adventure they should consider before the end of life, such as alligator wrestling or sky diving or maybe even bungee-jumping over the Grand Canyon.

3. Last, but not least, my idea of flowers, as an anniversary gift, is a dozen long stemmed red roses, not a bag of King Arthur flour so I can make chocolate chip cookies.

There you have it, folks, combine, genetics, biology, and math and you have a recipe for...uh...chocolate chip cookies.

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