Thursday, October 1, 2009

Save on Taxes and Health Care Reform

All right, all ready! Let's get going on saving taxes and all this health care reform hooey. I agree with Grayson's take on the Republican philosophy. Don't get sick and die quick.

My favorite idea comes from A Modest Proposal by Jonathon Swift circa 1729. It's a satirical article stating that children should be used as food. They are both nutritious and delicious stewed, baked, roasted, or boiled. That will take care of all the juvenile delinquents in our school system, which is already overburdened with an abundance of services for the "darlings" at the taxpayers expense.

For those of us who never get sick; we should be mailed a yearly wellness incentive check. Let's see now, that equates to $152.40 per month, which I pay out of pocket times 12 months equals $1,828.80 per year.

Let's get going folks. We can learn from the past and hope for the future. We can save on taxes and health care reform at the same time.


lightly - a full member of the dark side said...

don't be fooled , teenagers don't make a good food, they very bitter . trying to cook them is just as difficult, they think they know it all and tell you you doing it all wrong.
universal health care works great if there are enough healthy people employed and paying for it. but if the healthy people are out exercising because they have no work then universal health care does not work.
and another thing health care only works when the price of health care is actually based on reality, the US pays far too much for a simple operation even the angels are sitting there scratching there heads and wondering where the hell the people came up with the price.

its just a pity the human race actually created there(their) own problem.

Pam Beers said...

lightly...I heard babies are really sweet and tender. As far as health care is concerned...most people would rather pop a pill than eat right or exercise.

It's always great to hear from you.