Friday, October 9, 2009

Ode de Skunk

Peeyouie! I ran over a dead skunk in the middle of the road and brought the odor home on the truck tires. Needless to say, my neighbors aren't too happy with me.

I had just taken a hot steamy shower topped off with some expensive French perfume I received for my birthday, thinking I was "hot stuff". While driving home from the grocery store, I decided to listen to some jazz tunes on the truck stereo. Never paying too much attention to what is squashed into the pavement, I kept my eyes ahead and realized there was a bad odor emitting from the underside of my truck. 'Oh no,' I thought,'It smells like a polecat!' (referred to as a skunk in these parts). Ode de skunk overpowerd whatever "sweet smell" I was wearing.

The skunk stench lingered for the rest of the day. My next door neighbor came home from work and said in a load voice, I could hear through closed windows, "What the hell is that awful smell. It reeks of dead skunk!"

My neighbors are great, but now they look at me with a great deal of skepticism. All I can tell them is expensive French perfume is no match for ode de skunk. Even Bear cat won't go near the truck.


lightly said...

brings back memories of my favorite cartoon
Pepe le Pew

Pam Beers said...

lightly: Pepe is charming with many scent-a-mental memories.