Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 10th Birthday and Chickens

The chickens laid multi-colored eggs this morning and no one knows who did it.
It could be Gertrude, could be Maud, could be Lola too.

Or did I start to celebrate April 10th a little bit too soon?  
Is that egg really yellow with a purple stripe,
and the other one pink and blue?

All I know is the champagne tastes good;
and the chickens think so too,
which is probably why the eggs they laid
are yellow, pink and blue. 


lightly said...

ok no fair
i call Fowl

i know not what you and mr randy are drinking but you people have got to share

Queen Basa (aka Susan Hopf) said...

The chickie girls love having their pictures taken. They talked of it all day long.

Also on this beautiful day a debate was underway - for whom the credit belonged for such colorful eggs to lay.

The chickies say for sure it was they as the work so hard each and every day.

But the roos with their brilliant plumage say no way, only the strut really does pay.

Of course you and I both know but dared not say, that it was the Easter Bunny that came to play and that is how such eggs came our way.

Pamela Beers. said...

You call fowl, lightly. It is baseball season. Or chicken season. Or some kinda season.

Sue, thanks for commenting. Your poetic discourse is great, except we all know the Easter Bunny doesn't lay eggs.