Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chocolate Shoes

Chocolate Shoes
There is a favorite spot where I shop on Pattonwood Drive, near Lake Ontario, called Encore Chocolates. My family members always request a box of home made chocolates for their birthdays from Encore.

Multitudinous selections of tasty, scrumptious home made, hand dipped chocolate with all the various fillings and toppings is mind boggling. Encore's lovely gift wrapping makes this a very special gift.

I was in the store one day and wondered why someone left their shoe on the counter, only to discover the shoe was made of chocolate.

The store owner told me a true story. A wealthy, eccentric gentleman comes into the store every two weeks and orders a dozen chocolate shoes. He gives the shoes as gifts to women he's either never met or sees occasionally; women who are bank tellers, waitresses, even women he meets on the street. His comment is, "It makes me feel good to see women smile in surprise when I give them their chocolate shoe,"

I'd be a little skeptical if it happened to me, until I saw the Encore Chocolates of Rochester label stuck to the cellophane wrap with a pretty ribbon attached. Plus I'm a soft-touch for good home made chocolate.

 My question is: If this guy stopped you on the street offering you a chocolate shoe. What would you do?


supermom said...

hug the man, kiss him on his cheek then proceed home where I will curl up on the couch and share my chocolate shoe with no one.

How could you get anything better?

Pamela Beers. said...

Supermom, I love the fact you won't share your chocolate shoe with anyone. That's a rule in my chocolate sharing.

It is a very sweet gesture on his part. We need more people in this world like him.

lightly said...

i would like to know

why do people always ruin a good fetish

supermom said...

Pam, I agree! There aren't enough people in the world that are kind, just because.

Pamela Beers. said...

lightly, what's wrong with a chocolate shoe fetish?

SuperMom, I love the "just because" thing. No reason...just because. Thanks for reminding me. It's something we should all remember...just because.

Laurie said...

I would cry because it's so sweet, what he's doing. And then I'd need to eat the shoe to make myself feel better, haha.

Pamela Beers. said...

Laurie, I think it's a very sweet gesture too. Encore chocolate is scrumptious, so it'll definintely make you feel good all over.

Interesting Facts said...

If that guy stopped me on the street offering me a chocolate shoe then I would definitely take the shoe. No doubt.

Pamela Beers. said...

IF: Thanks for visiting Horse Pucky and leaving a comment. It's interesting to learn what people will do when given a benevolent gift for no reason.