Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ode de Horse

After cleaning stalls yesterday, I stopped by our local grocery store to pick up a few essentials. As usual, the check out lines were long when I first walked in. I figured, by the time I picked up what I needed the lines would be shorter. I was wrong. I took the grocery cart with my goodies, and stood at the end of the line, waiting my turn. Two people ahead of me took their groceries and moved to another check out line. "Hot dog!", I said to myself. I was out of the store quicker than two flicks of a horses tail.

Shovelling horse pucky is one of my favorite things to do...seriously. It's honest work, good exercise, and it clears out my sinuses. The only problem is I smell like a horse when I'm done. What a great way to get ahead in the grocery line!

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