Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Now I know I've totally lost my mind. Must be a combination of the frigid air the last couple of days and horse pucky fumes.

This time of year the horses are double blanketd so they're warm and toasty. When I went to groom Sadie, I found a solidified mass of horse hair inside her waterproof turnout blanket. The gray-white hairy mass is perfectly round and is about the size of one of those cosmetic sponges you buy at the drug store.

I figure I can market this round hairy patch of horse hair as a Woozle. I'm so facinated by the Woozle, I decided to write about it and market it as a childrens story or possibly a book for crazy people. If you buy the Woozle book, you'll also get a genuine horse hair Woozle with it. I may even throw in a bag of Horsie Delights as a bonus gift. (See Nov. 24 post: Truly Unique Christmas Gift...Horsie Delights ).

The owner of the barn suggested I call the Woozle a natual beauty aid and make billions instead of millions. It's a tough choice, children's book, or beauty aid...or maybe both. You get two for the price of one. What value! I might even make trillions.

As you've probably guessed, this time of year we get a little "squirrely" after riding and doing barn chores...and it's only December. We'll be ready for "R-Wing" by February! Maybe by then we'll be multi millionaires from selling all those Woozles. Next stop Tahiti.


One Hypo said...

Ok but I don't know if I'll put woozle on my face.

Anonymous said...

Actually, "Woozles" make great facial scrubs. ;) Thanks for the comment, Hypo.