Thursday, December 18, 2008

Drag Races...Key West Style

My daughter lives in Key West, Florida. When I went to visit, I was invited to a drag race. My idea of a drag race and Key West's idea of a drag race are two different things.

Drag racing in Rochester, NY involves cars. Drag racing in Key West, FL involves guys dressed up like women who race in high heels, sometimes pushing a shopping cart past the finish line. Let me tell you it's a hoot to watch! It's an annual event and draws all kinds of tourists and locals who pay to watch the extravaganza, bringing in dollars to support the community.

I wonder if this will catch on in Rochester? We have a deficit in our budget right now. If we could get the mayor, police chief, and local DA to dress up like ladies, we could charge an admission fee and call it the "Snow Queen Festival". I'll bet we'd bring in millions.


Damien said...

Ah, I love a good play on words as long as its a matinee price ;)

Pam said...

For you, Damien,matinee price it is.