Monday, December 15, 2008

Tacky Christmas Gifts

Every year, I hear about some really tacky Christmas gifts. The gifts weren't meant to be tacky, such as a gag gift. It's just that the the gift giver actually thought he was doing the right thing. I use the word "he" not to pick on men, but to share with you what some guys think are great gifts for their spouses.

Tacky gift #1: corn remover pads as a stocking stuffer.
Tacky gift #2: a Wonder bra.
Tacky gift #3: tickets to a tractor pull.
Tacky gift #4: gift certificate for two to McDonald's. (probably after the tractor pull)
Tacky gift #5: a snow blower (something I might like)
Really tacky gift #6: two gold bracelets, each with a different name engraved on it. Too bad the bracelets got mixed up. "Carol's" gold bracelet went to "Sue" and "Sue's" bracelet went to "Carol". OOPS!

It could be worse, I could be married to one of those long it was tacky gift #5.

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