Monday, December 29, 2008

Frozen Horse Pucky

Yup. Here it is. Beautiful upstate New York in winter. At least that's what it looked like last week. It took a couple of days to get shoveled out, then three days later it got warm...57 degrees. I actually have flowers blooming in my gardens. I threw some fresh horse pucky into both the front and back garden, did a bit of mulching, and expect to have mutant plants by spring.

I suspect it will turn cold and snowy within the next few days. That's okay with me. I think snow is beautiful. It offers me some time to hunker down and reflect. When it's cold and snowy I fix a cup of hot, steaming chocolate topped with miniature marshmallows. Bear, being the curious cat he is, likes to check out what's in that steaming mug and ends up getting his little black nose stuck to a marshmallow.

My reflections on a cold winter days usually end up with ideas on 'how to use what you have and make money'. Keep in mind, my ideas don't always produce income, but I have fun trying. This time I came up with a new invention for frozen horse pucky. Can't tell you about it now, 'cause I have to feed Bear. Tomorrow is another day. I think Scarlet O'Hara said that in Gone With The Wind. I wonder if there was horse pucky at Tara?


Brittany said...

Wow, beautiful picture!

Pam said...

Thanks for the comment.