Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Tidy Bowl Man

Have you ever wondered why cats drink out of the toilet? I think about it often, when I'm stuck in traffic.

Bear is one of the most delightful felines I've ever had the pleasure to live with. He has his own personalized drinking bowl along side his matching food dishes (filled with an assortment of healthy food), which I refer to as "The Kitty Cat Buffet". So why does he like to drink out of the toilet? Maybe because the water is clean, clear, and ice cold. Or is it a guy thing?

In any case, I asked our veterinarian about this toilet bowl fetish cats have, and he said, "They drink out of toilet bowls because they have little kitty cat brains." This is an answer from a guy who graduated magna cum laude from Cornell Veterinary School. He's also a dear friend and says I need to get a life and not think too seriously about why cats drink out of toilet bowls.

When my son came up from Florida for a visit, he caught Bear drinking out of our porcelain watering hole. He nick-named the cat "The Tidy Bowl Man". I took a picture, which is worth a thousand words. I guess that says it all.


ian in hamburg said...

Maybe he's looking for fish in there?

Pam said...

Ian, you have a good point there. I like the fish idea. Thanks for taking the time to comment.