Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Washington Weasels

The Washington Weasels is NOT a sports team. It's not even a team at all. It's a group of loosy goosy government bureaucrats whose main purpose in life is to see how much money than can extract from the people who voted them into office in the first place.

On the other hand, The Washington Weasels could be a great name for a baseball team. Our commander-in chief could be the pitcher, while our VP could be catcher. Instead of throwing and catching a baseball, they could continue throwing and catching horse pucky.

General McChrystal is perfect as centerfielder. That's what he does in Afghanistan. The poor man has been in battle so long, he thinks he's part of the Afghan culture, coupled with having loose lips.

Since 1862 our taxes continue to rise. It doesn't matter who's been in office or what Party our U.S. President has been affiliated with. They are all dependent on taxpayers for whatever ails them, our country, or other countries.

Do you realize, in 2010 our individual local, state, and federal taxes will be more than food, clothing, and shelter!? I'm really happy I know someone who drives a sixteen wheeler. He'll be happy to dump a 100 tons of horse pucky on the steps of the White House.


Robert Crane said...

i think you should tell us what you really think!

Pam said...

Hi Bob! Thanks for the comment. Don't you just love the shenanigans in Washington and abroad?! I wonder if there is a place to vacation on another planet before we screw that up.