Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Horse Pucky Award of the Week: RG&E

The Horse Pucky Award of the Week goes to the Rochester Gas and Electric Company, unaffectionately referred to as RG&E. That's how I make out my checks each month; payable to RG&E. Over the years I think my gas and electricity usage has added up to a bazillion dollars and change. But, that's not the reason for this blog post. There's another more sinister reason.

RG&E is actually trying to collect $149 from my friend, Jennifer's deceased father, who died on April 9th of this year. They actually sent him to collections knowing he is among the dearly departed. Can you imagine! That puts a whole new meaning into low down, tacky, and just plain greedy. It's difficult enough when you lose someone you love without having to put up with that kind of horse pucky.

Jennifer called me today because I'm known as the pit bull. When it comes to justice and rights in this uncompassionate system we have to deal with, I'll fight to the end. The long and short of it is, RG&E will be getting a call from our state attorney general's office. Companies don't like that. They have to fill out 65 pages of paper work, in addition to a $3,000 to $5,000 fine if they're found in violation of ethics. It'll cost the weenies more than $149.

I was going to send them a bag of horse pucky, but I think I'll save it for the person who made a mistake on my bill last month. I was overcharged $120, but not for long.


lightly said...

simple solution, tell them to take him to court.

companies don't like headlines that make them the laughing stock of the nation

Robert Crane said...

let me the first to say, "you go girl". i'm assuming you had something to do with the attorney general getting involved.

good job!

Pam said...

lightly: Ha! Great idea!

Robert: I have a close relationship with the Attorney General's office in two states.