Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Look Alike Contest

Sloppy Joe's 30th annual Papa Look-Alike Contest takes place in Key West, Florida on July 22 - 24, 2010. For those of you who have a striking resemblance to Ernest Hemingway, I strongly suggest going down there for a rousing good time and some great publicity. Sloppy Joe's was Ernie's favorite hangout when he was between wives and novels.

It's big business for doctors during the end of July. Think about it. Observing more than 100 Ernest Hemingways running around Duvall Street in Key West is enough to send most people to some sort of doctor. I'd probably opt for the Ophthalmologist.

For those interested in preserving the memory of Ernest Hemingway, having a rip roaring good time, enjoying the social camaraderie of Key West, and possibly winning a look alike contest, check out Sloppy Joe's website for further details.


lightly said...

any dumbass excuse is a good excuse for santa's to celebrate in the middle of the year.
hell i don't even look like ernest but i will go.
okay i draw the line at look like elvis get togethers but that just me.

Pam said...

lightly: Now I know where Santa goes to celebrate in the middle of the year.

In Key West, no one needs an excuse to drink. It's one of their recreational sports.

Thanks for your ever popular comments.

Randy Johnson said...

Ah, The Importance of Being Earnest …It sounds like a Wilde time! I’m going gray as fast as I can, but I might have to wait for the 2011 festivities. Thanks for the heads up though, I’ll add it to my bucket list ;)

Pam said...

Randy: Hey, ya never know. You may win the contest. You can at least enter the Hemingway short story contest next year. Submissions are due, I think, on May 15th.

Love your use of word play. If Hemingway's remains are in an urn, we could call him (drum roll please) "Urnest". (Groan)

Is the "bucket list" similar to the circular file?

Thanks for the great comments.

Randy Johnson said...


You and I are quite a witty pair with the word play. I laughed so hard at your urn joke I started coffin ;)!

Thanks for the suggestion. I checked out the writing contest link, and it doesn’t appear to be a rip off like most other contests. Maybe I’ll give it a shot next year. I don’t look very earnest, but maybe I could write in a hemming way (I’m sure I could write something with non-frayed folded fabric edges.) ...groan

No, a bucket list is nothing like the round file. Quite the opposite in fact. A bucket list is a list of all the things you want to do before you kick the bucket, bite the dust, buy the farm, cash in your chips, meet your maker, go belly up, pass away, perish, croak, pass on, shove off, give-up the ghost, push up daisies, drop dead so to speak. For short it’s easier just to call it the bucket list.

Robert Crane said...

can women enter?

Pam said...

Randy: A "hemming way"? "Non-fabric edges" ? !! It's time to get "earnest" about your writing.

Thanks for clarifying "bucket list".

Bob: I don't think anyone named "Ernestine" ever entered or can enter the contest. Leave it to you to ask, "Can women enter?" I think you should email Sloppy Joe's and ask.

Randy Johnson said...

Sorry Pam: Sometimes my sewing puns seam to unravel. That hemming way one had ‘em in stitches at the quilting club, but most folks don’t get the yoke. Depends on your bias I guess ...okay, I’ll zip it before I get hit with a bolt of horse pucky!

Pam said...

Randy: Send me your address. I'll be happy to send you a Horse Pucky gift bag free of charge. If nothing else, you'll at least enjoy the packaging, complete with a picture of my manufacturing team. ;)

Randy Johnson said...

Too funny Pam. I just opened the mailbox to find Horse Pucky inside. I never seen poop so elegantly packaged!

Pam said...

Randy: We do things with class around here. Even the horse pucky comes from a world class race horse line, Mr. Prospector.