Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Good Grief Valentine!

How in the world did the romantic version of St. Valentine's Day come to pass when St. Valentine, a Roman priest, was beaten to death with clubs and stones and then beheaded just because he married Christian couples? All because helping Christians in 496 A.D. was a crime. Good grief! Where's the romance there?

I guess Hallmark changed everything in the 20th century or maybe it was Chaucer in the 14th century. In either case, being beheaded puts a whole new twist on things and certainly gives special meaning to the song, "Losing My Head Over You".


Kaylan said...

I think it comes from the idea that St. Valentine (given his sacrifice) was an example of true love. He risked life and death to marry people who were probably in love (I'm sure there were pagan parents who were very upset their daughter or son wanted to marry some Christian). So the holiday mirrors that general love (though sadly in a retail way these days). It can be a really great holiday, though, to teach your family about love and the sacrifice of the saints. And who doesn't like all that red and pink in the store. I love Valentine decor! :)

lightly said...

one day back in the past some idiot of a male screwed up big time with his woman, her name was Valentine and to make peace he gave her flowers and a note (with a whole lot of bs on it) other women seeing this decided why not them and so the tradition was born, they asked the idiot male what was a good name for this day, while he was thinking of a name his love (Valentine ) came out with a rolling pin and thus the name Valentine's Day.

this did not please all the religious nuts so he just said i named it after saint Valentine and then there was peace upon the land and the people rejoiced.

not long after that someone decided to look up the history of st Valentine and realized o' crap he got his head sliced off we need to change the name, good thing his buddies were there to advise him it was a good name because as any man will tell you, if he misses valentines day his head is on the chopping block.

Pam said...

Kaylan: Thanks so much for stopping by. Love your comments...especially the true love part, and of course the red & pink colors. It's a girly thing.

Lightly: You have an over active imagination. I am still laughing at your hilarious version of Valentine's Day. AND...you are oh so right about the chopping block! Thanks for your take on the post.