Monday, January 11, 2010

First Sign of Cabin Fever

Many women have beautiful feet. I'm not one of them. Over the years I've been stepped on by horses, men who think they can dance, and objects falling from overhead closets that were placed where they shoulddn't have been. But it doesn't matter, because this time of year (and it's only the middle of January) I get cabin fever. The first thing I do to avoid my homicidal tendencies during these cold snowy months is get out a bottle of red nail polish and paint my toenails. It's usually a rite of spring, but this year I can't wait until spring.

I keep the house at 62 degrees, because I'm too cheap to pay the gas & electric company their exorbantant rates, so the red nail polish I used got kinda gloppy. Again, I don't really care, because my toes are a lovely shade of gloppy red and I'm happy. Everytime I look at my toes I smile. Yup, this cold weather is really getting to me. But, then again, simple minds like simple things.


lightly said...

cabin fever 0
foot fetish 1

Pam Beers said...

Ha! Foot fetish indeed! You're the best.

Kaylan said...

A nice idea! Put on a multi-colored sweater too! I do that. :)

Pam said...

Kaylan: You gave me an idea. Think I'll go get a manicure this evening to match my pedicure, and then check the bright colored sweaters at Macy's.

Anonymous said...

I am the best - how lovely of you to notice! (Ah, if only that were true...)

I will have to disagree about your not having beautiful feet, however. I believe them to be quite attractive.

In fact, if I could [or couldn't] dance, I would relish the opportunity to step on those lovely peds of yours!

I hope you're having a better winter this year and less gloppy polish; those piggies deserve it!