Monday, January 18, 2010

Roving Eyes

Why is it that men, no matter how happy they are with the woman they're with, have a roving eye?

Can any of you gentlemen answer that question? This is a survey.


lightly said...

because we a bunch of dogs.

Pam said...

You're all really very sweet.

There's something about those Buffalo Jills that is lost when a woman turns 66.

Kaylan said...

I think men are called to devote themselves to one woman in marriage. A woman is in need of protection/support when pregnant and also while caring for children, so from a Darwin perspective, it makes perfect sense. But men also have a natural inclination to "spread their seed" even if they don't connect their desires that way. The perfect solution is thus: man and woman get married and have a lot of kids. ;)
The roving eye thing is a temptation once they are married and helps men to practice virtue (if they would only try). Believe it or not there were saintly men in history. They need to read some of those books.

Pam said...

Kaylan, thanks for stopping in to comment. I agree with you.

If the truth be known, when we all stop enjoying the physical attributes given to both genders, we might as well crawl into a deep, dark, hole. Women like to look too.