Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Vote for Bear

As I said in yesterday's blog entry, I'm voting for Bear, my cat. Below is a list of his qualifications:
  • He's highly intelligent. Most people think so.
  • He provides a valuable service to the public. All the neighbors are rodent free.
  • He is loyal to his constituents. He's a sociable guy and loves everyone unconditionally, regardless of how much money they have.
  • He is not class conscious. He doesn't care what socio-economic background you come from.
  • He can be trusted. Bear comes with no agenda.
  • He protects his homeland. He's very territorial and keeps unwanted intruders away.
  • Balancing the budget is easy. Bear eats and takes only what he needs.
  • Health care is not even an issue. He exercises and eats right.

If you know of national and local candidates who have all of the above qualifications, let me know. I may vote for them.

photo: Inga Mucha Photography

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