Monday, October 27, 2008

Think Outside the Box

Which one of these locations would you choose as your final resting place?

I'm an environmentally conscious person, and have decided to take ecology sensitivity to the grave. I want to go green when I die. So, here's the deal. I want to be buried without chemicals in a biodegradable shroud in the forest. I figure I will help fertilize those wonderful woodland mushrooms my family and I love eating on our salads.

There is actually a company called The Center for Natural Burial that will accommodate my wishes. The closest burial site is in Maine and is called Rainbow's End...and that's no horse pucky.

How's that for thinking outside the box?!


Emma said...

I've always been a proponent of being cremated and having my ashes spread somewhere peaceful and beautiful. I'd rather not take up precious land with my physical shell, nor do I want any family members to feel obligated to visit a grave site.

Pam Beers said...

Thanks, Emma for your thoughtful comment. Glad you stopped by. Being cremated is the way to go.