Friday, April 23, 2010

Over Under Debate

It appears that it's a toss-up as to how toilet paper rolls should be hung. Some say, if you hang the roll so it is dispensed from the bottom it's more difficult for cats to unravel. Another reader suggests using a GPS system to figure out the direction, and the most practical suggestion is to be sure you don't run out of toilet paper in the first place.

Are you ready for the real reason on how to dispense t.p.? According to the manufacturers of toilet paper, the rolls should be set up so they dispense from over the top of the roll. Why? So the quilted portion of the roll (which usually has the manufacturers logo on it) is visibile on the top side of the paper. So, there you have it. Right from the manufacturers mouths. And that ain't no horse pucky.

I can hardly wait for the smart alec comments I get on this one.


Randy Johnson said...

Well, I’m glad I got here before the smart alec’s showed up.

I’m a little surprised the manufacturer didn’t say over the top for English, or under the bottom for Spanish, but maybe that’s next. Sincerely though, I have to thank you for getting the answer we’ve all been waiting for right from the horse’s mouth (which for a horse pucky enthusiast is clear around to the other end!) For me this info’s going to be a real time saver.

Also, since you’re on a roll (so to speak) maybe you can help solve a crisis currently going on in households across Europe: Should the bidet face East or West? (Of course North or South would be silly. That’s why I didn’t mention it.)

itsmecissy said...

I don't buy the quilted kind (but it does have to be 2-ply). Why spend all that time 'quilting' something that just gets flushed down the loo?

lightly said...

well this topic is going down the toilet pretty fast

Pam said...

Randy: As the noted Collon Bowell said regarding bidets: "North or south or east or west, lotsa' pressure is the best."

Itsme: Quilting or two-ply, we'll skip to the loo, my darling.

lightly: This topic is definitely in the tank.

Hugs for all of you for stopping by and commenting.

itsmecissy said...

And at my age, I am skipping to the loo more often (ROFLMAO).

Pam said...

itsme: I know what you mean! Skipping to the loo at 3:00 am and tripping over the cat makes for interesting humor.

lightly said...

don't really care how the rhyme goes but lets be serious people, when you get up at 3am to answer the call its not a skip its more of a mad dash.
i have a whole lot of night owls in my place and for some reason they seem to think my location is there location so when we in a rush we have to travel to the outer limits, this is not a good thing as we tend not to focus on anything except the main performance, its only when the clapping has died down and the actors have left the stage do we realize the clean crew has taken the night off. as a male this is of no importance to me but alas the wife tends to bitch a little more at these events

Pam said...

lightly: I want to know where the "outer limits" are?! Sounds like an interesting house of comedy at your place.

lightly said...

my house is in the shape of a "C" my room is at one end that has a full bathroom, and all the teenagers live on the other end where is only a half bathroom, the distance from one bathroom to the next is about 5 steps as the crow flys butt alas to walk the distance its about 50 steps (with a full bladder that my as well be a 500 steps), everything on that side of the "C" is the outer limits.
the kitchen in in the middle and this is considered the safe zone, teenagers eating tend not to attach.

Pam said...

lightly: Hm-m-m. Teens on one end of the house, adults on the other, with the kitchen in the middle. What a great idea!

Then again, teenagers are part of the outer limit without even trying.

Thanks for the enlightenment. Is that why you are called "lightly"?