Thursday, April 1, 2010


Jon and I were out shopping for some hearty flowering plants for my window box and garden today. Currently the weather is 75 degrees, which is why I have planteritis. This is no April Fool's joke. It really is 75 degrees in upstate NY today! Anyway, the beautiful, sunny day motivated us to go get flowers.

While we were driving along the expressway a septic cleaning service truck passed us with a sign posted on the back of the truck. The sign read Caution! Stool Bus. Being a former school teacher, I thought it was hilarious.

I was also thinking, 'when I go horse back riding I can where a t-shirt with words on the back that say Horse Pucky Manufacturer'. There's only one hitch, some people may think it refers to me; the three people who read this blog, my mother (who never reads this blog), and my children (who sometimes read this blog) all know I'm full of horse pucky. The t-shirt would work in either case.

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