Friday, January 4, 2013

Numb Christmas

Most of the time I try to make Horse Pucky blog posts light and entertaining, hoping for a smile or even a good laugh, but not today.

Christmas with family was lovely, but it was seriously marred by the devasting tragedy that occurred in Irondequoit, NY.  Two dead West Webster fire fighters, two seriously wounded, and  nine homes burned beyond repair.

My son-in-law, Hugh, is a volunteer fire fireman and chaplain for the West Webster Fire Department. The call came in at 5:30 am Christmas Eve morning. Hugh was at home getting ready to don his firefighter clothing, then run out the door. He decided to stop and urinate before leaving the house. Had he not done that, he would have been the first fireman at the scene and shot by the sniper who was waiting to wipe out the whole  batallion.

I cry for joy that Hugh's life was saved by moments. I weep for Mike Chiapperini and Tomacz Kaczowka and their families.The other two wounded firefigfhters are slowly recovering at Strong Memorial Hospital,  I knew them all. 

The big question is, how can a mentally unstable man, William Spengler, Jr. be let out of prison when he murdered his 92 year old  grandmother by bludgeoning her to death with a hammer, striking her 36 times? Christmas Eve he set his house on fire, a car, shot his sister, leaving her in the house to burn beyond recognition, then called 911 to set up an ambush for the West Webster volunteer firemen. His goal was to wipe out the whole batallion; a total of 30 men.

There is something seriously wrong with our system. I'm devasted by this and will be for a long time to come. Thanks for allowing me to vent. It helps, but not much.

Embrace the ones you love. Tell them you love them. Life is fragile. PLEASE do have a Happy New Year. I send my love to all of you who read this and those who don't.


Randy Johnson said...

Hi Pam: It seems to be getting off to a slow start, but I hope 2013 is a good year for you, and all of your blogger pals. I miss the wit and wisdom of the Horse Pucky Queen, ItsMeCissy, Cranelegs, Newt, and the crazy Canadian, Lightly!

Pamela Beers. said...

Slow starts are good sometimes. More silliness from the Horse Pucky Queen is on its way. It's time to celebrate life.