Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ode to Winter: Stuck

Driving to the barn today was not so very nice.
The fog was thick, the roads were slick,
and covered with black ice.

But worst of all was cleaning stalls
with temps a minus three.
"Oh great!" I exclaimed, "It's freezing cold
and now I have to pee."

I found a spot in the corner of the stall
for needed privacy,
so I dropped my drawers,
relieved myself, then tried to leave the scene.

"Oh no!" I shrieked, "My butt's stuck to the wall
 of this makeshift horse latrine."


lightly said...

now i thought that only happened in porn movies.

butt moving right along, if you get a farm you wont have to travel in the cold and fog.

now and idiot male teenager with his lip stuck on a pole is funny, a granny with her butt stuck to a wall even funnier, where is the pictures when you need them

Pamela Beers. said...

Thank goodness no one was around, lightly...especially with a camera.