Thursday, January 24, 2013

Horse Pucky Advice: Clip Joint

Dear Horse Pucky,

 I share an office with another person. This person has the disgusting habit of clipping his nails at work. The clippings land on my desk and sometimes in my coffee. I've tried hinting about this through body language, but the clippings seem to hurtle their way onto my desk at various times of the day. What should I do?

~Clip Joint

Dear CJ,

How gross! First I'd talk with this moron and tell him that not only is his nail clipping habit tacky and offensive in a workplace environment, but it's hygienically unacceptable. If that doesn't work, talk to his supervisor. If that doesn't work, I'll be happy to send you a bag of Horse Pucky so you can leave individual dried horse poops on his desk, along with a gift certificate to have his nails professionally manicured at a local nail spa. 

~ Horse Pucky


lightly said...

well if he eats at his desk, then fart as soon as he starts eating and then do your nails and make sure nails land in his food

Randy Johnson said...

Or you could ask your local ferrier for some horse hoof trimmings to throw at him the next time he starts flinging clippings around the office. One of those in his coffee cup should win the war of the nasty nail trimmings… and remember whoever wins the war gets to write the Peace Treaty.

Pamela Beers. said...

lightly and Randy, both great ideas. I'll be sure to tell CJ. ~The Horse Pucky Queen.