Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gray or Brown

Some women age gracefully. Not me. I kick and scream all the way to the Miss Clairol bottle.

 Lately, though, I've been contemplating letting my hair go gray. I figure I've earned these silver locks after years of shoveling horse pucky and worrying about the national debt. Plus, I'm tired of coloring my hair every six weeks. It cuts into my wine and cheese time.

On the other hand my previously natural brown hair makes me look younger. Hm-m-m, there's that vanity word; "younger". I may have answered my own question. But I need your help.

Dear Horse Pucky readers, should I cover the gray or not? You have two days to answer before I do something shave my head.


lightly said...

ok i see MR randy and mr Pond have left me to do the dirty work.

Miss Pam you have noticed how distinguished us males look with grey hair.
well alas this is not true in the case of women, women just look old.

and not one to poke at open wounds but we have seen the grey hair years ago, we just keep our big mouths shut because we like you.

i hear rumour if you use horse pucky in your hair it wont go grey.

damn auto correct... what i wrote was,
To you , your family and friends have a merry merry christmas.

from me and all the grey haired members of my family

Pamela Beers. said... pucky in my hair. Lightly, you are absolutely right about men looking distinguished with gray hair. Why is that? It's probably because it hides the fact that they still act 15.

I have to admit, most women do look old with gray hair. But then there a few who are absolutely gorgeous with gray hair. Unfortunately it's not me.

Merry Christmas to you too, lightly and your family and friends. I'll be composing a little Christmas ditty for all of you. Hugs, The Horse Pucky Queen.

Anonymous said...



Pamela Beers. said...

Thanks, Carla. I submitted to my vanity. My hair is now a lovely, dark brown. It does make me look younger.

Randy Johnson said...

Pam: Why do you inconvenience yourself so? If you let the natural gray appear you won’t have to keep fumbling for your ID every time you order a glass of wine!

...You’re welcome ;)

Pamela Beers. said...

Randy, thanks for the compliment. Actually I was asked for my ID in Florida when I went out to dinner with my son...after the hair color. I think the waiter needed to go to the ophthamologist.

itsmecissy said...

Happy New Year Pam! I think that you should do whatever makes you happy. I intend to keep getting my highlights and lowlights even though I am now retired, gray hair does not look "distinguished" on us womens (like lightly said).

Pamela Beers. said...

Happy New Year itsme. Covering the gray is definitely a better choice for me.