Friday, December 23, 2011

No Snow but Lots of Squirrels

Look, no snow!
There is absolutely no snow in Rochester, NY. I just went outside and snapped this picture of my back yard, and the woods, with nary a trace of snow anywhere. Not one single flake. This is highly unusual this time of year around these parts, and I must admit, I 'd like to see some of the white stuff for Christmas.

What I do have are plenty of squirrels, each doing a tap dance on the roof. It got so noisey in my office this afternoon, I had to go outside and yell at the little gray fur balls to "tone it down". They chattered back at me and scampered to the neighbor's rooftop, cursing, all the way, in squirrel language.

 That's what I get for putting shelled walnuts out as a Christmas holiday treat for my woodland friends...a herd of ungrateful squirrels. Or is it a scurry of ungrateful squirrels? Maybe it's a flock? Yipes, who cares. Time to get back to work.



itsmecissy said...

I've had more squirrels (and blue jays) in my backyard this year too. No snow here either but it has been cold - perfect for taking crisp walks in the afternoon.

Pamela Beers. said...

How cold is cold in California?

Since Bear went to the other side of the rainbow, I have a plethora of squirrels in the back yard. He used to catch them and bring them to me as a gift. I miss the little guy.

Pamela Beers. said...

Br-r-r that IS cold for your neck of the woods. It's 12 degrees here today. I froze my nose off when I went for a walk this morning.

Sniff, sniff. Thanks for reminding me that Bear is still chasing squirrels. He is such a neat cat. I can't say "was", 'cause in my heartt and mind Bearsy is still here.

You're the best, itsme.