Friday, April 29, 2011

Case of the Disappearing Cat

Bear Tail or Bear Tale
Bear had an appointment with Dr. Bratton at 8:45 this morning. Today was the day for his annual wellness exam and rabies shot.

Normally, my feline pal is ready to bolt out the door long before 8:45, but not this morning. He was nowhere to be found, even when I called to him and shook a bag of treats. It's amazing how cats know when it's time to go to the veterinarian. I swear I never tell him.

When I went into the basement to retrieve his cat carrier, Bear briefly reappeard at the top of the stairs, with a, my-suspicion-was-confirmed, look on his face. It took another five minutes to find the guy. He was trying to hide under the sheets. As intuitive as he is, he's not always that great at hiding. His tail usually gives him away.

Trying to extricate a 15 pound cat from a bedsheet is worse than trying to lead two 1300 pound thoroughbred mares back to the barn, through a thunder and lightening storm. The bedsheet got tangled up and knotted between Bear and me, with black cat fur flying in at least 100 directions. When I finally got a secure hold of him sans the sheet, I attempted to put him in his cat carrier. I'm not kidding when I tell you he became the 15 pound cat from hell, attaching himself to the top of the carrier with his scimitar-like claws. The cat carrier was supposed to be housing him, instead Bear was carrying the carrier. More fur.

Needless to say, we were late to the vet's office. I came in covered with black cat hair. A cute, white Scottie terrier, also there for spring shots, cowered in the corner because he was terrified of this large growling cat carrying its own cat carrier. 

One really good thing, Bear is always good for the vet. Dr. Bratton gave him a clean bill of health with a "See ya next year, Bear."

Bear liked driving back home in the truck, IN his cat carrier, with the seat belt around the carrier. Currently he's napping, the rabies shot knocked him for a loop. I may be taking a 20-minute happy nap later this afternoon, myself.


lightly said...

humans are cruel cruel cruel, you put the cat through hell just so you could have peace of mind he is ok.
yes i sure we all like going to the doctor to have some shiny cold glass stuck up our...

you got horses and you couldn't get the vet to make a personal call, it saves a lot of grief and the cat will appreciate it as well.

Pamela Beers. said...

I know, poor Bearsy. He'll appreciate you sticking up for him, lightly. I'll be sure to tell him.

Christina said...

What cat? Where? I dont see a cat.


Pamela Beers. said...

Christina, thanks for the comment. Bear did run, which is why I couldn't originally find him.

He's an indoor/outdoor cat and loves to hunt, so he needs those rabies shots when he tangles with other wild critters. After dining out he comes indoors, eats his kitty cat buffet set up for him in the kitchen, then he "pads" upstairs and sleeps on my bed.

Other than his yearly trek to the vet, he lives the life of royalty.