Wednesday, May 4, 2011

End the Cycle of Violence

I can't handle this violence anymore. It's a sad state of affairs when we are triumphant over the death of another human being. What have we all become?

It's time to take responsibility for our own history and our own actions before we point fingers at the rest of the world. There has been way too much collateral damage in the form of innocent civilians being killed.

The U.S. military isn't being used to defend the rights and lives of civilian populations in other countries. It's being used to protect our own ideological and economic agendas in the form of capitalism and oil company investments. 

Here are a few examples of the gee-we're-such-good-guys here in the U.S. 

1890: US troops marched into South Dakota and massacred 300 Lakota Indians at Wounded Knee.

1910: US Navy seized the Phillipines from Spain killing 600,000 Filipinos.

Let's jump ahead.

1998: Four days of intensive air strikes in Iraq after weapons inspectors allege Iraqi obstructions.

2011: NATO coordinates air strikes and missle attacks against Qaddafi government during uprising by rebel army.

All this violence has depleted our economic infrastructure. We've become both intolerant of and insensitive to other people's religions, ethnicity, and even the way they dress.

What was a very chilling revelation to me over the weekend, was a comment a young teenage boy made to me, "I probably wouldn't like your grandson because he dresses different than me and wears his hair long." Where did that come from?! I was so stunned by his remark, I was speechless.

I can't wait until this Saturday; it's Kentucky Derby Day. At least the horses will give us a good reason to believe and hope for our next great hero. We could sure use one. As far as Im concerned, the rest of the world can eat horse pucky. Oh, I almost forgot, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.


Randy Johnson said...

I'm with you Pam, except that I can understand a certain amount of triumphalism in the ending of Bin Laden’s reign of terror (even though he’s been mostly dormant of late.) While we should rightly mourn the death of every human, I think when someone crosses a certain line (psychopathy whether by choice or sickness) they lose their humanity and I believe they remain human in body only, but not necessarily in heart, mind and spirit. To me Bin Laden didn’t cross that line by fighting against America. After all we’ve given millions of people thousands of reasons to hate us. He crossed that line by slaughtering thousands of innocents, and for that reason I’m not sorry that a bullet saved us from the circus of a trial that would have ensued if he had been brought in alive. That said, the entire thing is sad.

In a perfect world, when diplomacy failed, we’d fight our wars by throwing horse pucky at each other. Until then, keep shoveling that ammo, and fighting for peace.

Pamela Beers. said...

I think we've all lost our humanity in one form or another. It's gonna take me a few days to get over all this horse pucky.