Monday, July 19, 2010

A Female Perspective on the Male Point of View

Why is it men's eye glaze over when women want to go somewhere culturally the art gallery?

Then there's the audible groan heard 'round the world when a healthy but tasty meal is suggested. This isn't a water and yogurt meal; it's a meal suggestion consisting of grilled chicken, fresh green beans, and a nice salad with fresh-from-the-garden cukes, tomatoes, onions and assorted greens with a nice raspberry sorbet for dessert.

Generally, men would rather watch a blood and guts hockey game, preferably with someone getting their teeth knocked out, followed by, or included with, a pork hot dog with everything on it, greasy french fries and a cold, but soon to be warm, beer. The thought of blood, loose teeth, hot dogs, and warm beer makes my stomach want to do flip flops.

My favorite is the innocent, but thoughtless remark. "If you lose weight, I'll buy you a nice dress for the wedding in two months. Not that you're fat or anything, but you'd look really HOT if you lost about ten pounds. Or maybe not. You're really beautiful just the way you are. Actually, you're really beautiful." Of course, by this time, it's too late to save the male end of this conversation.

There you have it. Men really are from Mars. I'm not too sure where women are from. We're just different.


lightly said...

i got confused when you said
"culturally stimulating" and " art gallery"
in the same sentence.
men go to an art gallery to get out the sun/rain or to get free food.
we not different our standards are just a lot lower

Pam said...

Apparently culture and stimulation mean two TOTALLY different things to men. I should have known.

Is it really lower standards or just a simpler way of looking at life?

Thanks for the comments, lightly. You're due for a hug.

Robert Crane said...

i'm with lightly on this one!

and by the way, in the spirit of full disclosure, i watch project runway to balance the hockey.

call me, "advanced" if you must.

Pam said...

Bob: Oh no, it finally happened,you and lightly are thinking as one.

I have a question for you Bob: Do you watch project runway before or after a hockey game? Could be a "face-off" between the two.