Monday, July 19, 2010

Do Nothing or Just Do It

It's no great surprise that the Republicans are on a campaign to oust the Democrats. The GOP mantra is "Do Nothing" and the Dems will fail on their own. I thought that's what the Republicans have been doing for the last 12 years...nothing. That's why the U.S. National Debt, as of July, 19, 2010 is $13,255,628,453,762.72! That's trillions and change folks!

If it were up to me, I'd put Mike Parker, NIKE CEO in charge of this country. NIKE's tag line is "Just Do It". It's a positive mindset rather than a negative one. Which is probably why their annual revenue is a profitable $19.2 billion.

There you have it. Would you rather have our "do nothing" government with their bad attitude and negative mindset, that generates debt in the trillions of dollars, or the "Just Do It" mentality of people who give a damn and get the job done? I know who I'd rather have running our country.


lightly said...

wait 13 trillion and 75 cents, with numbers that big we still throw in the fraction of a $.
come to think about it the numbers after the 13 are also a non issue.

$13 trillion may be the us debt it is also going to be the cost to clean up the oil spill

Anonymous said...

lightly, two things:
1. It's that fraction of a dollar that gets us into trouble. My Grandfather always said, "Watch the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves."
2. The fraction is there to make a point about the absurdity of the whole thing.

Ah-h, the oil spill. Now there's a whole 'nother story.

Great to read your comments. Thanks.

monica said...

uh, i may not like the do nothing attitude going on in d.c., but i would rather be DEAD than let anyone associated with nike run my country. a catchy tag line doesn't hide the fact that their 19.2 billion profit can largely be attributed to the worst overseas labor abuses EVAH. not to mention that parker has only been ceo since '06, and that slogan has been around a lot longer, and sadly so has their soaring profits. he can hardly take any credit. that's like the republicans blaming obama for all the economic trouble we're in right now. we all know it started long before obama (or bush for that matter).

if you're gonna hand your country over to people who run a shoe company, look up jim and anne davis, private owners of new balance. they're the only shoe company still producing any fraction of their product in the u.s. and they insist that their factories uphold strict workplace practices and a proper living wage. same goes for their factories overseas. they could PERSONALLY net 50 more million dollars a year if they took full production overseas, yet they refuse to entertain the thought. now THAT'S who i want running my country.

or maybe anthony weiner, who, in your defense, had not yet shone his cojones to congress at the time you wrote your original post. today he is my new hero for the simple act of finally getting as pissed as the rest of us.

nike is evil, make no mistake about it. their slogan should be "just do it. and who cares if we horrifically exploit people somewhere else in the world to get it done!!!"

oh and here's some other suggested reading:

sorry for my rant. i just stumbled on your blog and couldn't resist.

Pam said...

Monica, it's a great rant! Thanks for taking the time to comment, but a special thanks for informing me of what is really going on with Nike and for the link to