Friday, May 21, 2010

Clothing Optional

We're back! It was a fun and interesting south Florida adventure. We have lots of funny stories. Key West and points north are conducive to funny stories.

Scenario: Mom's place in West Palm Beach after our trip to Key West.
Cast of characters: Jon (my sweetie), John (my son), Mom (age 91), and me.
Discussion: The conversation started out discussing sea food which gradually deteriorated from there.

Mom: So, how was Key West?
Me: 88 degrees with 92% humidity.
Jon: Did you know there's a "clothing optional" bar in Key West?
Mom: Sounds like it could be a nudy bar.
Me: Mother!
Jon: Yeah! You got it! It's a nude bar for patrons.
John: Do they serve crabs? chuckle chuckle
Mom: Definitely not the kind of crabs I'd want.
Me: I wonder if you have to check your clothes at the door?
Jon: You'd have to start a tab.
Me: I have an idea! We could start a family business. Let's design a bar stool with a specially designed paper towel roll. You could drape clean paper towels over the seats to keep things sanitary. Just rip off the used paper towel when you leave and roll up a clean one.
Everyone: Good idea.

And we were'nt even drinking. And the conversation turned into something a little more refined.

Mom: So, how's the horse pucky business?

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