Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Tooth Fairy and Bear

Yesterday was very traumatic for me. Bear went to the vet to have an infected tooth extracted. Dr. Bratton also cleaned the rest of his teeth and gave the boy a flouride treatment. The tough part was leaving my feline pal with the vet tech at 8:15 a.m. knowing I wouldn't be able to pick him up until 4:00 p.m. The actual surgery began at 9:00 a.m. It took all that time for the anesthesia to wear off before he could be released. While Bear was in la-la land, I was home worrying and teary-eyed.

Today Bear is doing well. He got his morning dose of pain meds, which will continue until the beginning of next week. The poor little guy had the inside of his hind leg shaved to accommodate the "gas line" they had to put in during surgery. He's a bit off, but much better than yesterday. In fact, yesterday he walked like he had one too many martinis. Today, he's much better, but a little groggy from the pain meds.

After what I was charged for the surgery, I forgot to get Bear's tooth; probably because I was in shock over  the cost. I could've put his tooth under my pillow for the tooth fairy. It's worth at least $317.

On the other hand, Bear would have probably eaten the tooth fairy in the middle of the night. Then I'd get a bag of horse pucky from her replacement instead of cash.

All things work out for the best. Bear's eating well, and having fun pouncing on shadows. I think he ate something flying around the office today. It may have been the tooth fairy.


lightly said...

i hope the mother of bear makes a speedy recovery.

Robert Crane said...

ya might want to think about a different name for bear. i mean just suppose bear is in the backyard and a real bear happens by and you see it. so to protect your, now, snaggled tooth wonder you start yelling, "get in here bear! get in this house right now bear!" see the situation you might have?

i'm just saying that's all. name him something safer, like bunny would be good.

lightly said...

how about calling him "GUMS"

Pam said...

lightly: I've recovered, but it wasn't easy.

Bob & lightly: All right you guys, enough already. "Bunny" and "Gums" doesn't work. Bear snuck outside and viscerated a mouse yesterday with his remaining teeth, which include fangs that make him look like Dracula.

His remaining teeth and fangs are sparkling white against his black coat. An appropriate new name would be Vlad.