Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's the 14th of February!

Aside from the fact it's Valentine's Day, it's also the Chinese New Year and Jim Kelly's birthday.

1. Happy Valentine's Day to everyone who reads Horse Pucky. If you were here I'd give you a big hug.

2. Happy New Year to my favorite Chinese take out place. You've saved me on more than one occassion when I wondered what to have for dinner when unexpected guests arrive, and I neglected to go grocery shiopping that week.

3. Happy Birthday, Jim. I still think you should be GM for the Buffalo Bills. The team just hasn't been the same without you.


lightly said...

1) consider yourself hugged.
2) if the the person who flips burgers at mac donald is chinese then the burger is chinese food.
3) jim kelly is tall and skinny and a darker shade of pale and he was great in "enter the dragon", i like him but alas i didn't know he played football.

itsmecissy said...

Happy VD, as my baby sis says every year . . . she's (still) such a pest!

We got home yesterday from our first RV (trailer trailer) adventure so pretty much forgot all about Valentine's Day (did make a nice dinner later).

Here's a big bear (((hug))) from me!

Pam said...

lightly: thanks for the hug, the person at McD's may be Chinese, but the food isn't, Jim Kelly, Football Hall of Fame quarterback, led the Buffalo Bills to four Superbowls and eight playoffs in the 90's.

Don't know Jim Kelly the actor.

Itsme: Love the bear hug! I can't wait to hear about your RV adventure!

I always appreciate and enjoy all of your comments.