Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Out Of The Moment Retreat Facilities

For those of you who showed an interest in our Out of the Moment Retreat facilities, we have grass huts available for a reasonable price. Just outside the entrance to your hut you can commune with our local gorillas, go for a hike in the mountains, or walk a short distance and go surfing.

There's also a seaside horseback ride on two retired thoroughbred race horses, who still think they're on the track. Watch out for the horse pucky when you go barefoot on the beach!

We promise you a very exhilarating, exciting, natural vacation. Oh, I almost forgot. We give each of you a complimentary bottle of Merlot with each booking. You'll need it! AND you can pick your own coffee beans for an early morning, extra fresh, cup of coffee.

For a vacation you'll never forget, email us for a reservation before we're all sold out.


lightly said...

back home in darkest Africa we had a few of these retreats on the farm, they were the homes of the farm labor force.
they are quite nice inside but alas they prone to weather conditions.
plants/vegs grew well around them since a lot of cow pucky is used in the manufacturing process, the first few weeks you can breathe the nature.

I makes me so home sick, maybe i should sign up before all the vacancies are taken.

itsmecissy said...

Sounds like a candidate for bob's "Fibromercials & Scams" - ROFL.

Pam said...

lightly: You'll never be lonely or homesick again at Out Of The Moment Retreat. We promise.

itsme: This is no scam. It's the real deal. Just don't tell Bob about it.