Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Code In My Node

Yuk! I have a code in my node. My head feels like it's packed with leftover gauze pads, and my ears are plugged. I feel as though I've been ground up in the insinkerator and put back together by an evil troll.

My drugs of choice to get me through this general malaise is Robitussin cough syrup, guaifenesen, and ibuprofen. The cough syrup keeps me from coughing all night, the guaifenesen offers chest congestion relief, and the ibuprofen reduces inflamation of all body parts. All three combined make me very sleepy, which is what I'm going to do...sleep.

Jon brought over some home made chicken soup, which really helped, gave me a hug, and covered me up with a warm blanket. What a wonderful guy! I think I'll go back to sleep and dream warm, tropical thoughts, while swimming under a waterfall with the guy who brought me home made chicken soup, in hopes I'll get rid of the code in my node soon.


lightly said...

oh dear you such a fool.

when you feel like this blog name you want drugs that give you buzz. It takes 7 days to cure without drug , it takes a week with drug.
so listen up let me be of assistance (ass being the operative word)
take dayquil at night and nightquil in the day, to hell with chicken soup tell jon to go buy you a nice hot curry, you need to fight fire with fire.
find a comedy put it on, i hear laughter is the best medicine, don't forget take an apple a day it keeps the doctor away.
to hell with sleep, sleep only gives you time to reflect on the fact you sick.

and CONSIDER yourself HUGGED

Pam said...

lightly: Ate the daily apple, jalapeno peppers with cheese, and took a nap. It's been two days and my cold is gone. I think it was the HUG that really did it. Thanks.

Do you have a recipe for hot curry? If so, I'll be sure to make some. The spicier the better.