Friday, May 22, 2009

Men and Spandex

I was inspired by a gentleman, who thinks men look great in any kind of bathing suit. Of course I disagree. Read on if you dare.

Men's bathing suits are fairly simple and usually conservative in color. They wear trunks, jams, or Speedos.

In my opinion, swim trunks are most flattering on men, with jams being my second choice. No man, no matter how fit they are, should ever wear a Speedo in public.

I like something left to my imagination...spandex on men doesn't do it...either for them or for me.


lightly said...

trunks to the beach now that is just wrong, trunks for the BBQ ok but never on the beach, if you going to swim or observe on the beach its speedo's or nothing.
We would go commando but due to some rules we have to be more modest so speedo is the next best thing.
we don't want you to imagine anything you bound to get it wrong, what you see is what you get.
okay if the speedo goes missing in the folds then you need to wear trunks because even a woman with a cast iron stomach will have problems looking at that.

Pam Beers said...

Hah!!! Speedos in folds is an image I'd rather not contemplate for too long. Time for Malox.