Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Empty Box Equals Shrinking Pants

Empty Cookie Box

The blogging community is made up of an interesting, eclectic group of waggish individuals. Itsme is one such delightful person. She had a "Cookies for Captions" contest on her blog "ItsMeCissy", which turned out to be loads of fun. Her blog post is titled Scary Picture...and it is. Check it out.

 Because ItsMe has a generous heart, she sent cookies to all of us who submitted a caption. There were at least two people who wrote more than one caption to be sure they got a box of cookies, but I'm not telling who.

Three of the delectable cookie creations were (yes, were...they're all gone) cranberry-white chocolate-coconut cookies, chocolate chip-walnut cookies, and oatmeal-cinnamon-raisin cookies. Boy, were they ever good! Thanks, ItsMe. You are a super baker!

There's only one major problem. The cookies made my pants shrink. Now I feel like a blivet. For those of you who are too young to know what a blivet is; it's a WW II term which means trying to stuff 10 pounds of horse pucky into a five pound bag. 

Thanks anyway, ItsMe, the cookies were delicious. When is the next contest?


Ev Newton (Newt) said...

Aerospace engineers (one of which I once was) have a slight variation on the military specification blivet. As you may not want to know, airplane toilets are "serviced" via an offloading hose attached to a valve on the side of the fuselage. Sadly, this valve inevitably gets - um - clogged. With further inevitability, these valves leak a little. Leakage speeds up as the altitude increases (there is a formula for this), and the leak continues as the airplane cruises at 30,000 feet. It's really cold up there. So the leakage tends to form a frozen - shall we say - globule, which adheres to the side of the aircraft. It grows ever bigger as the flight continues and the back-pressure on the valve continues to increase. In an exploding crescendo of inevitability, the resulting "blivet" - you can see how it might have gotten that name - becomes heavy enough to lose adhesion, and it falls from the heavens. No, it does not burn up on re-entry (this is no meteorite). As inevitability reaches apogee, the bright blue blivet - you do remember that airplane toilets flush blue, don't you? - anyway, the blue blivet always lands in a farmer's field, frightening the cows something terrible. Upon discovering the source of the cows' discomfiture, the farmer phones the authorities, who call the local airport to inquire. The resulting report eventually appears in the weekly report that crosses a certain aerospace engineer's desk. About once a week. That's a blivet.

Randy Johnson said...

I’m can’t even remember who the multiple caption writers were, hmmm? Well it’s not important. The important part of the story is as you mentioned Pam, Itsme is a “super baker!” Those were fantastic cookies, and I just can’t thank Itsme enough for three consecutive nights of the best milk and cookies ever! But there was one problem with my box, and it looks like your box might have the same problem… NO REORDER FORM!!

Pamela Beers. said...

Holy horse pucky, Ev. I'll have to remember NOT to ride my horses in a field with an airplane overhead.

Randy: Ice cold milk and itsme cookies...priceless.

lightly said...

reorder form

name (alias also valid):
real Qty :
Qty for the spouse:

rush Y/N

Pamela Beers. said...

lightly, I think the HP group, alone, would keep itsme in the baking business for years. I think she should start her own bakery.

itsmecissy said...

2 tips to avoid shrinking pants:

1.) always eat standing up - calories fall to your feet, they do not linger on your hips (it's a gravity thing)
2.) no nuts in the cookies
3.) no reorder form included (lol)

ya'll should see the tie-dye cupcakes I made for my family reunion this Saturday (I'll post a picture on my blog)

Glad you liked the cookies!