Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Who Woulda' Thought?!

Lake Ontario, hurricane Irene, and two wacko surfers.
Jon and I decided to take a car ride to the lake on Sunday and view the reported 10 foot waves created by hurricane Irene. Lake Ontario is only five minutes from my townhouse, so I figured if the weather got too bad, we could make a quick getaway, get to my place quick, and hang out in the basement.

Turns out the waves were at least ten feet high with wacko surfers out there in the water doing their thing. In fact one of the sufers had words printed on the back of his jacket that read, "Rochester Surfing Club". Who woulda' thought there was a surfing club in Rochester, NY? We don't have any surf, anywhere, except for this last Sunday, and that was due to hurricane Irene. They must practice in their jacuzzis or go out to Big Sur when they get a chance.

All I can say is those guys are crazier than I am, being out there in 10 foot plus waves. The wind was brutal. I was on the beach with my feet in the water taking pictures. There's no way I'd go any deeper than my ankles; not on a million dollar bet. No siree, Bob.  

My biggest thrill was waving to "lightly", a regular Horse Pucky reader and commentator, who lives across the lake, in Canada. Hey, lightly, I put a message in a bottle for you. Hope you got the note. If not, let me know. 

Hurricane Irene was kind to us in Rochester, NY. There was little rain, only 50 mph winds, and no damage. Viewing Mother Nature, at her most powerful, was awesome, breathtaking, and beautiful. It was a really cool experience.  


lightly said...

no no no, pam dear i live in the pretty part of canada, that little dirty pond you see is in the east, i live in the west by beautiful pond we like to refer to as the pacific ocean.


you come visit now, you always welcome.

Pamela Beers. said...

I never though of Lake Ontario as a "dirty little pond" but it's our pond and we love it.

The Pacific Ocean sounds lovely. I'd love to hike those Vancouver trails.

Thanks for the invitealong with your usual waggish commentary.