Sunday, March 13, 2011

One Done, One To Go

My right eye had the cataracts removed along with the God-given lens the cataracts were attached to and a brand new lens was inserted. Wow! It's amazing what doctors can do these days. The world looks brighter, newspaper print looks bigger, and my grandchildren look taller. The surgery was a piece of cake. I've had no eye discomfort whatsoever. HOWEVER...there's always a "however"...the anesthesia did me in.

I'm very sensitive to any type of medication. Two Ibuprofen knock me on my kabootie. The day after surgery I had a post-op exam and asked, "What in the world did you use for anesthesia?" When the Dr.told me they used Fentanol in the IV pic,I realized why I've been loopy, dopey, tired and grumpy for the last four days. Fentanol is a narcotic, and that stuff sends me into orbit, toward some weird planet I don't want to be on.

When they do the left eye in a week and a half, I'm going to opt for a much lesser dose or at least another type of happy juice. I still think the Jack Daniels would be better.  


Randy Johnson said...

That’s really great news Pam! Sounds like you'll be seeing in 100% High-Def very soon. Ummm, how's the Surround Sound?

Pamela Beers. said...

Surround Sound is great! Jon says I have ears like a cat. That's why he can't get away with mumbling under his breath when he gets mad at me. I hear everything.

Thanks for the "great news" comment. You made my day.