Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Say It Like It Is

No one wants to be offensive, so we beat-around-the-bush, candy-coat, and create verbal puffery. My motto is, "say it like it is" rather than being euphemistic. Of course, I get into lots of trouble that way, but it cuts through all the horse pucky.

This is a test. After each statement choose a number from one to three that best describes how you would respond to a given situation.

How would you tell someone they need to use deordorant more frequently? Pick one.
1. You stink.
2. You smell bad.
3. You need to learn how to develop good hygiene habits. 

You're at a restaurant and someone has bad table manners. What would you say?
1. You're disgusting.
2. You eat like a pig.
3. You need to develop more refined table manners.

A friend at a neighborhood gathering is acting loud and obnoxious. Again, what would you say?
1. Shut up!
2. You have a big mouth.
3. You need to develop a quieter way to communicate.

For those of you who consistently chose #1, you probably have no friends and someone is hiring a "hit" on you.

All those who picked #2 have a few friends who call you, and only when when they need to borrow money.

Those who are consistently in the #3 category are blessed with an abundance of patience and have friends who always want to be with you but secretly think you are boring.

I'm sure most of you are a combination of one through three, which makes you a decent human being who most people want to be with the majority of the time.

Then there's me, who chose mostly #1 and #2. That's why I have two horses and a cat, and work out of my home.   


lightly said...

people who know me will tell you i have no switch. I just shoot off my mouth and lose friends (ok no friends to start with )

the world will be a better place if people just said what's on there minds

Randy Johnson said...

I’ve found that being bluntly honest doesn’t gain or lose you friends. It just sorts them out so you end up with the right friends. Beside’s life’s to short to talk to Republicans for more than a minute or two anyway.

Pamela Beers. said...

I like cuttin' through the malarcky, horse pucky, crap, excess verbiage...whatever you want to call it.

Those who can't handle it, leave my presence, those who can handle it become good friends.

lightly and Randy, you're right on!