Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Don't Ask: Just Add Captions

Don't ask! Well, ok, I'll tell ya anyway. Just a little bit of background: Jon and I decided to clean out the inside of his floor-level kitchen cabinet, which houses two 3 foot tall wastebaskets. Jon is six feet tall. I'm five feet two inches. The logical choice was for me to go in and do the job. So, I did...and kinda got stuck.

Of course, Jon couldn't pass up this unique photo opportunity. And, of course, being the ham I am, I couldn't pass up a chance for a bit of zany good humor. This is what happens to normally sane people, in February, in upstate New York before drinking.

If you're gonna come up with wisecracks, all you smarty britches out there had better turn them into captions. There may be a reward in this for ya.


Randy Johnson said...

One romantic winter evening Jon and Pam were sitting in the kitchen drinking some wine when Pam leaned over and whispered into her husband’s ear “Hey Jon, if you want to go get your camera, I’ll pose for some trashy photos for you.” Nearly breaking a leg running to the bedroom and back, Jon returned in seconds to find Pam... Umm… Well it’s hard to describe. Let’s just say that although disappointed by the misunderstanding, John was a good sport, and took the photos… then poured himself some more wine.

lightly said...

hey Jon give those plans again, oh i see your problem, next time wear your glasses, the door to the basement is to damn small

lightly said...

in my top draw i have my socks and in my second draw i keep my , oops how did that get in there

itsmecissy said...

OK, here's My caption:

"Where will YOU be when the drugs kick in?"

Sue said...

OK, question: did you really have to get IN to clean it? He couldn't just reach in? Could it have just waited until the kids and I came up? Dylan has long skinny arms! I am glad that you didn't get hurt! Hey, is that the night I called and no one answered the phone? I thought you were out having fun, little did I realize that you were home getting trashed!!

I love you guys!

Pamela Beers. said...

Love the captions! You're all so talented and clever. Thanks y'all!

Sue, when you called we were out having fun. The cleaning caper occurred in the morning,after the barn. Don't worry about me getting hurt. They call me Grambo!